Monday, January 13, 2014



I don't remember how I describe other weeks, but this one was actually quite noteworthy. Have I actually ever had a really bad week? Hmm, I know there are rough patches throughout the week, but I tend to forget those. Well, I will just talk to you about the many miracles that I have seen this past week.

Yesterday, Sis. Kim and I taught 남경연 자매님 about tithing. We were incredibly nervous about teaching her because her 남경연 자매님's daughter made 남경연 자매님 quit her last church because of it. As we taught the principle of tithing, Sis. Kim and I tried our best to emphasize that tithing was a choice, but that the blessings she would receive would outweigh the about of money she spends. 남경연 자매님 started crying because she felt bad that she had not been paying tithing earlier. She then asked how she could repent and start paying tithing again. Augh, 남경연 자매님 has a heart of gold. If she does not make it to the celestial kingdom, no one can.

Temple trip on January 2, 2014
구덕레 자매님 is not progressing right now. She knows that our church is true, but she does not want to leave her current church because her pastor has forbidden her. We try our best to tell her that it is up to her, but she is so sweet and doesn't want to offend anyone. We will continue to visit her and try to express how much we love her even if she doesn't attend our church. 

Sis. Kim and I are really chubby kids on the inside. We love tasting all of the street food. This past Saturday, Sis. Kim and I decided to stop by this random noodle shop in 야탑. As we are sitting at the counter, one of the workers starts talking to me. She asks where I am from and whether not we are the Mormons. We tell her that we are missionaries for the church. She then asked if we would teach her and her friend 30 Minutes of English and 30 minutes of the gospel. Miracle! That never happens. 


This past P-Day, the 분당 Elders and Sisters had a little adventure in our area. There is a huge park close to our houses, so we decided to go an explore them. Here are some pictures.
Sister Kim & Sister Chao

Also, I got my first haircut in Korea. Huge Fail! I look like a founding father....I have hair similar to Mrs. Brady when she had a bob/mullet. Bad news. Bad news. Haha

I love you!

Sis. Chao

Grandmother loves me

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