Monday, May 12, 2014

Another week in 안양


I cannot believe that another week has come and gone. This week, Sis. Kelly and I have been traveling all over our area...and outside our area. On Monday, Sis. Kelly and I met up with 산본 sisters and went to a Buddhist temple to celebrate Buddha's birthday. We made some lotus flowers (don't ask me what mine looks like) and got a printout off Buddha's feet. While there, a lot of people introduced themselves to us and thanked us for coming.

I am doing really well and really love working with the members. We have several appointments set up to practice teaching. I know that it will be very helpful to us in terms of Korean and teaching abilities. 

This week, Sis. Kelly and I met with a lot of our investigators. Let me just say, that Sis. Kelly and I are going to have a fun time meeting with our investigators. I will give you a little mini bio on all of the investigators in our area.

1- Kim Che Sook (김재숙)

She is doing the 30/30 program and she has a sincere desire to follow Christ. The biggest hurdle that we have to help her overcome is the fear of offending people at her church. Other than that, she is reading and keeping commitments that we give her.

2- Park, Ha Young and Con Hi

Yesterday, we had a member lesson with Ha Young and one of the young women in the ward. I have never seen Ha Young laugh so much. We have figured out that we need to find ways to make lessons more interactive. So if you have any ideas, let me know. Right now, neither one of them has a real belief in God. So the most important thing we have to do is establish their relationship with Heavenly Father. We also want to make sure that if they get baptized, that is because they truly want to and don't feel pressure from ward members, etc.

3- So Soon Ok (셔순옥)
We met her for the first time this past Friday. She is 45 years old and really wants to learn how to communicate in English. Little does she know that my English is terrible now. Anyways, she really wants to be happy with her life and believe in God. She has a Christian background, but she says that her faith is not very strong. 

4- Kim Lee Soo (김이수)

She is having a really hard time living in Korea and is searching for peace. When we meet with her, she tends to go off on random tangents, but she has a sweet heart. We definitely know that this gospel will give her the peace that she is looking for.

5- Grace - Grace's husband passed away almost a year ago and has been attending our church for a very long time. She really wants her son's family to be baptized into our church, but she doesn't really have a desire to right now. We meet with her almost every Saturday and have slowly started explaining gospel principles.

We have a few other people that we are meeting with, but we don't know if we can call them investigators yet. Other than that, we have been working a lot with ward members, especially the young women. The ward members are really starting to help us. This coming week, we have 5 dinner appointments and 4 practice lessons. I really love this area and Sis. Kelly and I are seeing a lot of miracle.

In other news, I am getting a sister missionary leg tan. How is that even possible when the sun isn't shining?! Seriously, my tan line goes from right below my knees to my dress shoe socks. It is terrible. I am going to have start using handkerchiefs to block my legs. J

I love you and Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Sis. Chao

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