Monday, March 9, 2015



I cannot believe how fast time is flying, I just got my flight plans through email today... . It can't be time already, but thankfully I have a solid month or so to finish up my mission strong. This week has been filled with a lot of miracles, especially when it comes to our investigators in 만수!

Every week, we go and visit one of our investigators and her cousin at their makeup shop. Usually when we go, we talk about a principle from the missionary lessons but we never really had a real sit down lesson with both of them. On Tuesday, we decided to drop off this little pastery that we picked up at a bakery. On our way over to her store, we noticed that there were a lot of people. Instead of coming back later, we decided to go introduce ourselves...after all one of them could have an interest in the gospel. Being the gem that she invited us to sit down and chat. As we sat there, there was so much much awkwardness. Her friend kept staring at us and talking about us, but never directly to us. Finally her friend asked us to see the scripture case that we carry around with us. Then she started asking us all about why we needed the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Priesthood, etc. We pretty much had an entire lesson. The miracle was that she was so interested about what we were talking about that she invited us to come back on Sunday (yesterday).

Yesterday, we went and we just talked about the Bible/Book of Mormon and how it testifies of Jesus Christ. While we were sitting there, I just felt prompted to ask them about their plans next week. Their entire underground market has the day off next Sunday.  Then I just asked, "Are you really planning to come to our church someday?" They immediately said "Yes, of course...In fact, why not next Sunday?" Sis. Reed's and our mouths almost dropped to the floor. They pretty much invited themselves to all 3 hours of church.  They also really want to have a member lesson so that they can ask their super hard questions to a native korean. ㅋㅋㅋ I am not sad about that. Some of the words they used are really hard to understand. Yesterday, we were whipping out all sorts of dictionaries to translate what she was asking. 

Korean- definitely will be a lifelong task of learning. @.@

-Sis. Chao


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