Monday, March 2, 2015

First week of March


Spring has officially arrived in Korea, but you probably wouldn't be able to tell because of the weather. For some reasons, the weather has decided to play games with us and randomly goes from hot to cool. Just like Utah :) Perhaps Korea is preparing me to come home soon. Yikes, I don't want to think about it yet!! I cannot believe that I only have one month left in this amazing country!!

This week, we met with a lot of investigators and had really interesting lessons/conversations. One of our investigators (Ms. Park) asked a lot of questions about how our church functions. Actually, now that I think about it...a lot of the people we have met on the street/train/church have asked us about how a church can function without a paid clergy or minister. It has been really fun to talk about how members and revelation drive the church.

On Tuesday, I met with President Morrise for my last interview before my final interview. President Morrise and I just joked for 10 minutes and we just talked about miracles that we had both seen. He apparently still remembers the one time he came and visited me at the Law Library. Apparently, I am a lot different than I was before. I honestly don't know how much I can believe because he is definitely biased. ㅋㅋㅋ He is our mission president after all. He told me that he is really excited to see where I go next.

This week, I also was able to go on exchanges with the new STL's companion. Her name is Sis. Kil and she is from the southern area of Korea. She is super cute and is a fantastic missionary. One of the things that we talked about is street contacting. It has been super hard for her because people are just brutal to Korean missionaries. So, during our time together...we did a lot of street contacting and we made it fun. Towards the end of the day and the rejections got a little bit brutal, instead of crying we just burst out laughing. I'm not really sure why, but sis. Kil has started to change her mind about street contacting. During our daily planning session, we just talked about we have to give everyone a chance to accept the gospel.

On Sunday, I had the best surprise!! My favorite Korean companion has officially moved back to 인천 and is in 만수 ward boundary!! It was such a great surprise and we just laughed all throughout RS (Sorry teacher). She looks absolutely amazing and is such a solid YSA now. We plan on having a lot more member present lessons in our area now!

Have a great week!

Sis. Chao

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