Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello and Merry Christmas!

메리 그리스마스!!

Merry Christmas from Sister Chao & Sister Kim
So, my mission president is incredibly kind and said that we could still email even though P-day is on Wednesday. Things have been incredibly busy here in 분당, but it has been a wonderful experience. The most important thing that happened this past week is that Sis. Kim can walk!! She got her casts taken off last Wednesday and she is being such a trooper. Occasionally she has pain when she walks, but for the most part she is back to normal. So you know what that means? Pedal to the metal. Is that right? Apparently I have been using phrases all wrong. 

This past Saturday, the ward had a huge Christmas party. We started helping the Relief Society prepare food at 11:00 am and were not finished until about 5 pm that evening. The food was absolutely delicious! They had tortilla Korean sandwiches, egg rolls, meat, oranges, mash potatoes, and pretty much any food that is delicious. After dinner, there was a talent show. Sis. Kim, I, and the Elders performed a skit. I did not understand a whole lot of it, but the skit was funny and people enjoyed it. Another highlight of the evening is that several of our investigators and less-active members came to the party! It was a wonderful way to start the Christmas weekend.

As for our investigators, I am learning a lot about patience. 구동레 (Kudongrey) 자매님 is having a hard time leaving her church because she does not want to offend anyone. Although she knows the church is true, it will take her some time to come to church. I have loved getting to know her and cannot wait to see her progress. We picked up 2 new investigators this past week. One of our investigators is interested in meeting with the missionaries because her daughter recently converted in Hawaii. She says that she is not super interested in converting, but wants to know more about the gospel her daughter loves. So, we are excited because it gives me and Sis. Kim an opportunity to practice teaching lessons. Our other investigator contacted us because she wants to learn English and more about our gospel. She has a Christian background, but a lot of her beliefs are say the least. 

Another noteworthy thing that happened this past week is that I finished the Book of Mormon. I was planning to finish reading it on Christmas, but I couldn't help myself. I had to finish it again. I cannot believe it took me so long to realize what a gift it is! I have learned so much about Christ and myself from reading it. I am actually quite excited to read it again. I am continually learning things and I plan on picking a certain topic when I read it again. I am thinking of doing Characteristics of Christ. It should be good!

Also, thank you for all the gifts that you have been sending! Sis. Carter and Sis. Saunders have made this Christmas incredibly special. They heard that Sis. Kim and I have had iffy Christmas experiences. So, they took everything that was sent to us and wrapped them. Apparently we are not allowed to open presents until Christmas. Another noteworthy even that happened is that Sis. Kim and I received a huge tin from Bro. Cheong. When we opened it, we thought it was a giant Chocolate we decided to hide it from Sis. Saunders and Sis. Carter. Later that evening, we told them that we had a giant surprise for them. We brought out the tin and yelled "It's a giant chocolate muffin!" Unfortunately, what no one told me is that fruit cake looks awfully like a giant chocolate muffin!
Giant chocolate muffin or Fruit Cake?
Oh yes, so it turns out that I will be allowed to Skype on Christmas Day in Korea. Is that something we want to do?

I love you all and cannot wait to see or hear your beautiful voices! Merry Christmas!

-Sis Chao!

Also, whoever said it does not snow in Korea...lied! Haha The snowflakes are huge and literally take out my eyeballs.

Let it snow!

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