Monday, February 3, 2014

Goodbye 분당 ㅠㅠ

Hello Family,

Well, if you have not read into the subject line yet...I guess I should tell you what it means. This past Saturday, Sis. Kim and I received transfer calls. Essentially, if you get a call from the office elders it means that you and your companion are staying in your area. If anyone else calls you, then it means that you have received some prestigious calling, training, or transferring to a new area. Well, President Morrise called and that means Sis. Kim and I will no longer be companions after Wednesday. Sis. Kim will be staying in 분당 and training a new greenie. I will be transferring to another area called 안양 and will be with another native Korean. Although, I'm not really sure if you can call Sis. Kim a native Korean. I'm not really sure how I feel about it, but I am excited and nervous. I may actually learn Korean. I kid, I have learned a lot from Sis. Kim and I am actually really sad to leave her. She will do great things in 분당 and I cannot wait to hear all of the greenies adventures with her.

As for my bags, wow...sister missionaries accumulate a lot of junk in short amounts of time. I have too much stuff that I have to buy boxes to put my things in. What in the world... Thankfully, I will not have to drag my suitcases on the train from one area to area. I am going to mail it to my new apartment in 안양

Other than that, nothing really exciting has happened. We continue to meet with 구덕레 and 남경연 every week. One of our investigators 반한나 is slowly progressing, but she has interesting views about Heavenly Father still. We need to teach her about the principle of agency, but it could be received either way.

Oh yeah, so Sis. Carter and I have been working on Preach My Gospel Teacher Training. Essentially, we are learning to be effective teachers in our native language and in Korean. As Sis. Carter and I have been preparing each lesson, we could not help but notice that there is a steep incline in how difficult the concepts are. Let me describe them to you... the first lesson in PMG is The Restoration. The first principle is God is our loving Heavenly Father. If you relate that principle to my favorite game street fighter...that is like a little jab. No big deal, easily accepted. The next principle after that is gospel blesses families, I relate that to a small kick. Again it really isn't that bad of a concept to wrap one's head around. Then you get to Gospel Dispensations, prophets, and authority. I relate that to a tornado whippy kick. No one really knows what to do with that. It is hard to bear, but again you can understand it after a while. Then you have to talk about the apostasy, the atonement, etc. Essentially, a hoduken comes out of nowhere when you teach and I have essentially blown my investigators mind. Anyways, I am sure it will get better with time...but wow is it complex. Haha

Transfers are a bit strange. Essentially, I have to travel 1.5 hours up north only to come back down with my new companion to the mission home. It happens on Wednesday morning. My companion's name is 김윤하 and she was in the same district as Sis. Kim at the MTC. So, she is relatively new and this will be her first time being a senior companion. I have met her during mission conferences, but I have not talked to her since then. I don't know a whole lot about the area, but I know that it is one of the busiest areas for missionary work in the entire mission. This past transfer, the sister missionaries had four baptism services. 

How are things back home? I am loving my time in Korea and cannot wait for my next adventure. Love you!

-Sis. Chao

P.S. I also most definitely went to a public bath with Sis. Kim. I don't know if I would necessarily go again soon, but it was a relaxing way to spend a P-Day.

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