Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Hello Family,

This week has been incredibly stressful, but now I have come to understand how much effort goes into planning parties. A few weeks ago the bishop asked the missionaries to plan a Halloween party. Apparently, the missionaries have been organizing this party for a long time. At first, we accepted happily because it is Halloween...all you have to do is buy some decorations and some candy. Easy right? Well, it turns out that Halloween parties are a lot harder to put together when the country you are serving in doesn't really celebrate Halloween. So in addition to everyday missionary work in Mansu, all of the missionaries had to put in extra time to make decorations from whatever we could find. That included making tissue ghosts, bat/witch/pumpkin cutouts, cardboard decorations for the wall, and a pinata. We put in a lot of time, but at the end of the day it was worth it. Lots of members attended with their children and potential investigators. There was a lot of laughter and other memorable moments. That beings said, I am glad that I never have to plan another Halloween party in Korea. :) 2 of our investigators could not come, so we are planning to make them a candy bag today during P-day. I would give them some of the candy from our party, but the children were much too cute and were given 4-5 more pieces of candy then they were supposed to receive. Oops...

Another miracle from this past week is that we picked up another new investigator. Her name is 송이. We met her last week when were streetboarding at a downtown area. For our first appointment, all of us were a bit nervous because the first meeting is always a deal maker or breaker. After about 3 seconds we broke the ice and were laughing and getting to know each other. She is really interested in learning English, but also has a desire to learn about the gospel. We have really high hopes for her because we've only met her once, but are practically great friends. :)

Oh, I also went to the temple the other day and saw the newer version to the new temple video. It was good!! It was definitely surprising in some areas...but it was interesting to see each actors portrayal. The temple is always great and gave me a much needed recharge. The church is true. That is all I have to say. :)

Yes, the rain is coming down and I cannot believe that it is already Fall.

The new investigators are doing well and are relatively open to our message. We hope that they will progress and come closer to baptism in a few weeks. They do want to listen to the gospel.

Have a wonderful week!

Sis. Chao

I love you all!!! I am so sorry that I have been terrible at emailing.

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