Monday, November 24, 2014

Transfer Calls and Exchange Palooza Week



Where do I even start, first of all...things have been absolutely crazy. Sis Gooch and I have been on 3 exchanges this week. One with 부평, 계산, and 연수 sisters. It was a lot of fun, but Sis. Gooch and I are exhausted and are excited to just be companions again.

First exchanges with 부평 was incredibly fun. Sis. Gooch went to 부평 and was companions with Sister Moyer (a new missionary). Sis. Gooch and Sis Moyer were incredibly nervous at first, but I thought that this would be a good opportunity for Sis. Gooch to be the one that another missionary relies on. That meant that Sis. Wright (My MTC district) came to 만수. It was absolute madness!! On Monday night, we went to a member's house to hold FHE with a pair of elders. Sis. Wright just made us all laugh during dinner. She doesn't realize how many awesome sounds she makes when she is assembling/eating food. For FHE we decided to sing hymns and share what we liked about each of them.

The second exchange was on Thursday with Sis. Holdaway who is probably one of the sweetest people in the world. She was extremely nervous and thought that we would get lost a lot. However, that was not true and we were finding everyone that we needed to and had a great HTBT lesson with a new investigator. I have really high hopes for this area and things seem to be turning out for the better.
Noteworthy miracles from this week: On our way home from our first exchange, Sis. Gooch and I found 2 potential new investigators. One of them turned into an actual investigator and the other one has a lot of potential.

This truly is the Lord's work. All I really have to do is trust him.

I love you!

Sis. Chao

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