Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving with the District

Hello Family!

This week has been incredible and I absolutely love the area that I am serving in. This week, Sis. Gooch came down with a really bad cold, so we made an executive decision for her to rest and get better. While she rested, I got in a lot of study and contacted a lot of potential investigators, previous investigators, current investigators, and less active members. It was good, but it easy for someone to get stir crazy when there isn't much room to move around. Sis. Gooch and I are loving being together and we definitely treat each other like siblings. The best part is that it makes missionary work even more fun and creates an even greater desire to work even harder.

As we were weekly planning this week, we decided that we need to be more creative with the ways we invite people. We talked about hosting a music night/fireside for members to invite friends. Channeling some of our talents to have activities that really make people feel comfortable inviting non-members to. It is all in the drafting phase, but we really want to start getting things started because there are only a few weeks left in the transfer.

This Thanksgiving was definitely not ones like we have, but it was just as good. It definitely felt like we were spending Thanksgiving with our family. It was not a p-day, but we plan on watching a movie together next P-day. For Thanksgiving, we went and got 삼겹살, which is pork belly meat? Anyways, it is much more delicious than the description. We ate so much and just shared what things we were thankful for. After dinner, we went to an investigator’s house and sang Christmas songs and talked about why religion is so important to us. It was a bit of a miracle because although small,  she is finally progressing towards something. Our conversations have morphed in light conversations to real deep ones. It is amazing. Definitely the Lord's timing. 

Another eventful thing that happened this week is that my district and I got to make Kimchi!! It was so much fun, but the Kimchi squat really destroys the legs. ㅋㅋㅋ Who would have thought that the process of making Kimchi is so scientific. Seriously, it is absolutely crazy how much time goes into making it. That being said...I am definitely going to try and recreate this later. Maybe not right now because our fridge is exploding with Kimchi, but in the near future. 

I love you!

-Sis. Chao

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