Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Hello Family,

Before I forget, Merry Christmas Family!! I cannot believe that another year has come and gone, but I am happy to be spending another Christmas as a missionary. Oh, that sounded bad... I really do love you and I want to spend it with you, but there is definitely something different about being a missionary on Christmas. Sis. Gooch and I have been preparing for the upcoming holiday festivities by spreading as much Christmas cheer as possible.

Last Sunday, we tried doing Christmas Singing Proselyting with a probably would have been a success but the location was bad. So we are planning to do a more populated place next time we go. We are hoping to do it on Christmas Eve. 

This week, we have been working a lot with members and trying to meet with potential investigators. One of our potential investigators, Ali, has been coming out to English Class every week and chatting with us afterwards. We invited her to our ward Christmas party and she seemed super interested. The only catch is that she told us she might be drunk. Oh boy. So we are trying to figure out a way that we can get her to come to the party before she hangs out with her friends. We are praying that she decides to come the party. 

Another miracle that we saw is with another investigator. One evening this week, our appointment fell through so I decided to try and make an appointment with her. She also randomly had time that day so we met. She started talking about how if we wanted to be better missionaries, we have to show people that we genuinely do care for them. She talked about how missionaries need to help people break down this wall that they put up. It finally just clicked, do people we meet with know that we genuinely do care for them and consider them friends?  She then talked about how she knows that we genuinely love her, so she talks about us to her other friends. She even gave one of her friends the Liahona. She may be one of the best member missionaries who is not actually a member. 

As I thought about that this week, we met with another investigator Kate Park. The past few weeks, we have not been able to share much of a gospel message with her. Well, as I watched her gestures and face, I realized that she was super unhappy. So I just asked her. She then opened up her heart to us and told us that she was really lonely. Then she asked us why were so happy. That led us talking about our life decisions and how the gospel has really blessed us. We then talked about how we genuinely wanted her to be happy. We also told her that she could call us whenever she needed someone to talk about. She was quite surprised when we told her and told us that she would. 

After that, things just kept getting better. Ah, seriously being a missionary in Korea is something special. :) Other than that, we are just working to get the Christmas party prepped. The big Christmas conference is tomorrow and there is a rumor that there might be turkey. What? Also, we may or not be dancing at the ward Christmas party. Fail.

Love you! Merry Christmas!

-Sis. Chao

P.S. We are getting a few replacement missionaries (sisters). Elders are still coming in at a steady rate. They just merged a couple and found a few members to act as missionaries for a while. It has been interesting.

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