Monday, January 12, 2015



Ah, can you believe that January is halfway over and that my birthday is this Wednesday? I really don't want it to be my birthday because I will be like 75 in missionary years. Seriously, everyone keeps sassing me about how old I am getting. I truly will be a grandmother missionary in no time. 

This week has been pretty busy, but filled with miracles. Towards the beginning of the week, we had a lot of appointments with members so that they could say goodbye to Sis. Gooch. She is super sad to leave, but she is having loads of fun in her new area. I know because she keeps rubbing it in my face with photos. Destruction I miss Sis. Gooch though. We definitely had our fair share of sibling conversations at night. It was ridiculous how fast we became friends. 

That being said, I love being with my new companion Sis. Reed. She is 21 years old (today!) and she is from Provo, Utah. She is in her 5 transfer and 3rd area! Crazy, right? Hopefully she will stay in this area for a while. I cannot imagine having to move so often. She is really excited to work here and her enthusiasm is definitely paying off. This week alone, we have met with 5+ potential investigators! We are hoping that most of them will become real investigators this week. So keep us in your prayers! 

On Wednesday night, we stayed in the mission home because of MLC the next day. It takes FOREVER to get from our area to the Mission office, so once a month we get to stay in REAL beds.  It was a great council and we talked a lot about being more responsible with our time and accountability. I think our focus will be on the call in report this coming zone conference... Exciting, right? Who doesn't love numbers? 

Other than that, missionary work is moving forward faster than ever here in Korea! We are super excited for this coming transfer and have several investigators who could potentially have baptismal dates in the coming weeks. 

I hope all is well!! 

-Sis. Chao

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