Monday, January 26, 2015



This week has been incredibly fun, but incredibly busy. So I will start right away... I realize that I am at the point where emails have just because super weird and bullet pointed. Sorry!! Someday I will write better emails again. 

On Monday, all of the sisters met together for a sisters conference where we learned about budgeting, cleaning, exercise, and all those other useful things. The funnest part was probably being able to reunite with some of my old companions. There was a lot of laughter and talking about our new areas. After the sisters conference, Sis. Morrise pretty much ordered us to stay indoors until Sis. Reed was able to function at a pretty decent percent.  So Tuesday was pretty much spent inside doing phone calls, studying Korean, and losing my mind a little.

Wednesday, I went on exchanges with Sis. Jeong in 연수! . Sis Jeong is such an amazing missionary and incredibly fearless when it comes to street contacting. I am pretty sure we stopped every single person that went by us. At first, a lot of the conversations seemed a little fruitless, but then we started talking to a bunch of high school students. We started joking about pop stars, high school life, and then introduced why we were here. One of the students said that she has been going to church by herself and has been looking for a new church. Miracle!! During our exchange,  I also learned all of the English that she has been learning from the American missionaries. Here is a little preview....

"Whatever major loser"
"You are a weirdo"

I don't know who has been teaching her these things, but it always sounds oddly sweet when she says it!! 

Love you,

Sis. Chao

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