Monday, January 19, 2015



Well, if the topic line didn't give it away....this week's focus is really going to be on being sick. My companion got a super nasty bug on Monday and has been out for most of the week. It has been absolutely crazy!! She has been taking medicine everyday and sleeping all the time but she hasn't been able to get over this bug. Even today she has the sniffles, headache, and congestion. I always thought that I was a really good nurse and cook, but this week has showed me that there are definitely areas that I can improve in. Sis. Reed is a champ and doesn't really complain about my cooking, but that might be because she can't really taste anything. 

It hasn't been super bad, but it has made missionary work very interesting. The past few days, we have been trying our best to contact less active members, investigators, and potential investigators.

Oh, miracles- Sis. Reed has been able to go out for small periods before she turns into a zombie. So on Wednesday, we met with our recent convert and a YSA who is leaving for her mission in a month. It was super great to be able to talk about missionary work and preparing for the temple. One the soon-to-be missionary is a bit nervous about the MTC food, but I promised her that you or some friends in the area could send her some tuna. She was going to try and bring it with her to America. 

Another miracle that has happened this week is that we found a new investigator!! She is 27 years old and has a deep connection with another Christian faith, but she really wants to learn about our gospel. She came to church yesterday and she said that she will be coming next week!!! This Tuesday, we will be having a member lesson with keep us in your prayers!! 

Other than that, we are doing really well here in Incheon!! Missionary work is amazing and it is moving forward at His pace. I hope this week was wonderful!!

-Sis. Chao

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