Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year


This week has been incredible and we have seen so many miracles. One of the biggest miracles we have seen is with our investigator Sooyun, who works at a beauty shop in our area. She has known missionaries for quite some time, but has never really been interested in learning about the gospel. So this past transfer, we have been working really hard to build a good relationship with her. On Wednesday, we decided to buy her some lunch and invited one of our member missionaries to come along. During the lunch, Sooyun really opened up about her belief in God, how she is actually interested in learning about the gospel, and how the only real barrier for her to come to church is that she has a hard time understanding religious words. So, Sis. Reed are super excited because we actually have a direction to go and have a member missionary who has built a good relationship with our investigator. 

Thursday- We had the big 설날 conference with our zone. All of the missionaries got together and had a wonderful day celebrating Lunar New Year in Korea. The first activity, we all made dumplings and kimbap. We did make a lot of dumplings, but the ones we made with the bishop's wife was definitely a lot more delicious than the ones we made as a zone. Definitely missing the years of experience needed to make delicious dumplings, but that is also because the elders tried to help...ㅋㅋㅋ (just kidding, they did a great job). We also watched “Meet the Mormon”, a very inspiring movie for sure. Then we went to China Town and did a scavenger hunt. In Chinatown, there is a huge statute of General McArthur.  Everyone here loves him...I guess that means I have to do more research about him when I get home. 

On Friday, a member called us and wanted to have dinner at our favorite hot pot buffet restaurant. Her daughter is leaving for a mission (today) and we are pretty close with her. Her daughter asked a bunch of questions about missionary work, but her biggest fear was the MTC and American food. Her mother told me how she wanted to sneak tuna into the MTC. I told her that she probably wouldn't get it past customs, but that you or some friends would be more than willing to send her some at the MTC. So...if you could do that :) She would absolutely love it and I would be super thankful!

This week has been good, but I am excited that the holidays are over. Now, there will be a lot more people to talk to on the streets and buses. Time to find some new investigators! :)

Love you-

Sis. Chao


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