Friday, October 25, 2013

4th week at the MTC

Week 3 October 4, 2013
Hello 가적!

Well, I have officially been at the MTC for three weeks! Crazy, right? I cannot believe how fast time is going. This week has been especially good and I cannot wait to tell you all about.

This past Friday, my companion and I went to the TRC for the first time. There is only one word to describe...hilarious. We literally had no idea what TRC was until 5 minutes before we had to go. So my companion and I tried our best to make up a lesson and off we went. We met Sis. Siepel and we attempted to get to know her. Our sentences were probably 85% English and 15% Hangumar, which meant that there were many moments of awkward silence. Well as you know, when things get awkward...I start laughing. At first I was able to hold it in, then out of no where my companion says "하나님 아버지" which means Heavenly Father and I burst out laughing. I could not stop! It was then the volunteer burst out laughing and it was a mess. Do not worry, we were able to calm ourselves down and deliver a wonderful message about Jesus Christ. 

The MTC truly would not be the MTC without the weekly spiritual slaps to the face. Over the past few weeks, my companion and I have been teaching two different investigators (구도자) about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Well last night, my companion and I had this overwhelming feeling that we were approaching our investigators the wrong way. We did not really know what that meant, so we decided to pray and study the scriptures. After a lot of studying and praying, it became blatantly clear that we were not teaching people, we were teaching lessons. Yes, we knew the lessons but we did not know a whole lot about our investigators. My companion and I were so worried about our language abilities that we did everything we could to do only things that were in our comfort zone. When we discussed this more, we realized that we were also too busy comparing the progress of our investigators to others in our district. This upcoming meeting, my companion and I have decided to apologize to our investigators and TRULY get to know them. We may be starting at square one again, but I know that this is what we are supposed to do. 

Random tangent, so in my flat there are vanity mirrors and lights attached to each of our dressers. Well, the sisters and I call the light attached to my dresser as the obedience light. The other day, I noticed that the light in the dresser was flickering.  I randomly made a joke that perhaps it only works when I am obedient. So I said "Hey light, I am not going to bed at 10:30." Then out of no where it turns off. I then quickly responded "Just kidding, I promise I will go to bed at 10:30." It then turns back on! I thought it was coincidence, so I said something else and it turned off again. Then I waited for 5 minutes and said I would be obedient and it turned back on. POSSESSED! 

As for packages, thank you for sending me all of those items. :) It truly made my day to get a package with pimple cream, Pringles, Burberry, seaweed, a Korean paper, and other reminders of home. They truly do make terrible days into great ones! You don't have to send me anymore candy because I will get fat. You think I am kidding, but I am seriously gaining weight here and I don't even eat the food! What is going on?! Okay, I am not gaining weight but it truly does feel like it. 

So Kimmie Thorne enters the MTC in two weeks? I may see her because my district and I will be helping host at the MTC on Wednesday. Essentially that means that we will be carrying bags up lots of stairs and comforting crying mothers. I cannot wait! Also, I don't really know what pictures I sent you because I cannot see them. Let me know what they look like and I will tell you who they are.

See you next week,


Sis. Melanie Chao 

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