Monday, October 28, 2013

7th week at the MTC

Hello 가족!

This is an exciting week. So, I will try my best to describe everything but hopefully this email will not turn into a novel. First things first, I got my travel plans today and it turns out that I will be leaving the MTC earlier than expected. I will be leaving on the Nov 07, 2013, which is a week from this coming Thursday! It is crazy to think that my time here at the MTC is almost over, but I am incredibly excited to start serving the Lord and the people of Korea. Hopefully I will be able to run into cousin Sis. Blickenstaff at the mission home or at transfers. It truly will be surreal to see everyone that I have met at the MTC in the mission field. 

Second of all, I did receive your package the other day! It was filled with many goodies and beautiful skirts. Do not worry about sending me any other treats because I am having a hard time getting rid of them all. The sisters in my building know me as the treat lady, so they avoid me. Haha. I have now resorted to doorbell ditching treats. Yes, I have sunk to a new level. 

Also, I saw the photo of me and Sis. Thorne. What happened?! Haha I truly do need to start wearing more makeup or something because I looked like I aged 50 years. It was a wake up call. Haha. Also, when you wear make up everyday, it does not seem to last as long as it used to. It was a lot of fun to run into her and I have seen her several more times here on campus. She says that she is enjoying her time at the MTC and will be heading out to Dallas on Monday! She will do amazing things and I cannot wait to hear more about her mission. 

Things with Kwon 형제님 and Jung 형제님 are going very well. They are starting to read the Book of Mormon on their own and I can see their faith in Jesus Christ grow. It will be amazing to see how they transform throughout the conversion process. Sometimes when we are teaching, the spirit is so strong that it feels like he is present physically in the room. It is absolutely crazy! Tonight, Rose 자매님 and I will be teaching a 40 minute TRC lesson. I have no idea what we will be teaching, but I know that it will be good. We will prepare a myriad of topics from PMG, but it is definitely up to the Spirit what lesson we actually teach. Whatever lesson it is, I want it to be impactful and beneficial to the volunteers. Also, if you know someone who would like to volunteer at the MTC/TRC, you should convince them to do so! It is so beneficial to the missionaries and it really helps us learn how to teach people and not lesson. Mom and Dad, you should consider it because I know the Chinese missionaries would love to talk to native Chinese speakers! 

I cannot believe I am leaving so soon! I am going to miss the MTC, but I cannot wait to return to Asia. I love the people, culture, food, and I will be sharing something that I have come to love so much. It is so strange for me to be saying that, but it is true. I have come to realize how much the Lord has influenced my life. I am so glad that there were people around me to help me realize it. It almost makes me incredibly sad that it took me so long to realize it. So, I am going to be sending some pictures right now. Don't post them on Facebook...I beg of you. Haha infact, you can just neglect my facebook. That would be ideal actually. Who needs Facebook and what is that anyways? :)


Sis. Melanie Chao 

차오 자매님

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