Friday, November 1, 2013

Final week at the MTC

Hello 가족,

Korea Seoul South Missionaries
How are things back home? I cannot believe that I am on the final stretch here at the MTC. I am slowly getting everything together, but I definitely lack the motivation to pack. I wish I had magical powers or a kind servant to help me pack my bags. Do not worry, I will begin packing today once all of my laundry is dry and smells nice and fresh. 

Things here at the MTC have been incredibly uplifting, fun, but also hard. A lot of the missionaries (myself included) have struggled with feelings of inadequacy as we prepare to leave for Korea. We know that this is Satan trying to discourage us from doing the Lord's work, but it is definitely hard to think that we can be effective missionaries with limited language abilities. I guess I will have to rely on the Lord a lot more, which is completely terrifying. Who would have thought that acting on faith seems to be an everyday experience. I was talking to Sis. Jung today and she said that the best way to overcome my fear is to just have faith and act.

Sister Wright & Sister Chao
Our investigators are progressing very well and have promised to attend church this weekend. I am not sure if they will follow through on this commitment, but we will emphasize the importance of attendance again tonight during our lesson. Tonight is the last time I will be teaching at TRC! Apparently it will be over Skype, which should make the teaching experience even more interesting. I do not think that we will be able to laugh as much via Skype...that would just make the experience even more awkward. 

This past devotional, I had the opportunity to hear from Elder Godoy and his conversion process. It definitely reemphasized to me that we must see everyone as brothers and sisters. I cannot wait to go to Korea to share how much I love the gospel, as well as how much I care for them. Augh, can I just go to Korea already? :)

Non-Spiritual Things

So, I will be landing in Detroit around 10:50 am (Utah Time). I do not think I will be calling any earlier than that because we will have a short amount of time at the Salt Lake City Airport. Thank you for sending me a calling card. I will be sure to use it and call your cell phones or work phone, whichever one you want me to call. 

I will be flying on Delta. Does Delta charge for the second checked bag to Korea?

Thank you for sending me so many cute clothes! I love wearing them and cannot wait to match them with all of my skirts! Oh, my laundry is almost done...I really hope that I haven't lost another sock. I lose one gym sock every time I wash my clothes, It is absolutely insane! I think I have lost a total of 3 pairs of socks. Don't worry, you have sent more than enough replacements!

My district and I are getting super excited to leave for Korea and it definitely shows. This past week, one of the elders in my district was passing out pretzel sticks that look like wands. I will just say that there were many spells being cast in our room. We definitely looked a bit insane and 4 years old. The highlight of our wizard battle was when one of the sisters yelled "Circumference!" I am not sure if that is an actual spell, but it definitely needs to be added to wizards spells.

Anyways, I love you all and cannot wait to write you from Korea! 


Sis. Melanie Chao

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