Monday, November 25, 2013

November 24, 2013 - I broke my trainer :(

Hello 가족!!

This week has been absolutely nuts because so much has happened that I do not even know where to begin. I guess I should start at the highlight of this past week, which was this past Friday. So every Friday, my companion and I go visit 민다빈. She is an eleven year old less active whose grandmother thinks that sister missionaries are a good influence. Usually, we go to this playground and play a Marco Polo type game on a raised balcony, which is lined with a metal rail. The person who is “it” closes their eyes, while the others run around with their eyes open. Yes, not the brightest idea, but it is an unspoken rule for the person who is “it” to have their eyes open every once in a while. Well, I was “it” and my companion was hiding from me. She decided that the best place to hide was to sit on the rail behind the pole. So, I am searching for her and I decided to wrap my arms around the pole that she was hiding behind. Like a brilliant scientist, my companion decides to duck down... This is where the story gets even better! Sis. Kim lost her balance and fell off the rail, head first onto a metal grate/drain. I opened my eyes right when she started to fall, and it was like out of the movies! Seriously, she fell in slow motion and I really tried to catch her. -Back to the Story-

I looked over the rail and Sis. Kim was out. She had been knocked out from the fall. So, I ran down to see her and I started saying her name. At this point, a bunch of small children had gathered around Sis. Kim. She was not answering so I checked her head to see if it was bleeding. I touched the back of her head and I noticed there was a small amount of blood. Sis. Kim then woke up and told me that she was in a lot of pain. I asked her what I should do and she told me to call the President. I picked up the cellphone...and it was in Korean. I have no idea how to text in Korean. I turned to this little 7 year old (bless his heart) and asked him to find Morrisse 형세님. This little boy was freaked out and all of his friends were stressing him out. Every time he would come close to the name, he would accidentally skip it. I called President Morrisse, but he did not answer. So, I tried calling his wife...who also did not answer. At this point, Sis. Kim was crying. The little children were asking me if they should dial 119, which is similar to 911. I asked Sis. Kim and she told me not to until we asked the President. So, the next thing I knew to do was call the Sister Training Leader aka Sis. Saunders. I called her and told her that Sis. Kim had had a really bad fall and was in a lot of pain. She told me to call the ZL's of our zone and then the President. I tried the President one more time and finally he answered! Initially he was going to have us wait there until he arrived, but then he heard Sis. Kim crying. While I was talking to the President, the little children had decided that Sis. Kim was they called an ambulance. 

Now towards the end of the story, my companion had received a concussion, a small cut on her head, and broke both of her big toes! Seriously, I do not know how that happened but it did. So now, all of the sisters in the apartment are taking care of Sis. Kim. We help her into the bathroom, spray her with the shower head, and dress her. It is like my past summer :)

Sister Carter, Sister Chao
Since Sis. Kim is out for the next little bit, well at least until she gets real casts...Sis. Carter and I have been made companions. We have been in Korea for 2 weeks and now we are venturing on our own. Seriously, there have been so many ridiculous adventures and our Korean has never been used more. We are lost 75% of the time. It is fantastic! I'm not really sure how long we will be together, but Sis. Carter and I wake up everyday and ask "Is this real life?" It is absolutely crazy! We freak out all the time because we honestly do not speak all. So, my companion is with Sis. Carter's companion. Me and Sis. Carter have been companions for the past few days and it is absolutely crazy. For now, we are serving in both areas. As for Sis. Kim, we have to wait and see. She will probably get hard casts on Wednesday!

Sister Chao, Sister Wright, Sister Carter
I also had the opportunity of attending the baptism of one of our investigators! It was a nice service. Nam Kyong Young 자매님 is such a loving person and had this glow once she was baptized. She will be getting confirmed next week! We are hoping that Sis. Kim will be able to go to church next week, but we are not sure yet. Once she gets real casts, I will be able to wheel her around Korea. I am in BoonDang 분당 area.
Sister Chao, Sister Wright and Sister Carter at the Seoul Korea Temple

How are things back home?

I love you guys and cannot wait to talk to you next month! It seems like I have been gone forever. I really do love it in Korea....even though it is absolutely crazy sometimes. Seriously, can we move here?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I miss you all and hope that you have a wonderful holiday! Eat lots of food, but not too much because leftovers is no fun. So small portions :)

I seriously love you guys! You guys are so hilarious and I cannot imagine life in Korea without your support!

Love, (사랑합니다)

Sis. Chao ( Super Greenie)

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