Monday, April 7, 2014


Hello Family,

Can you believe that it is already April? I can because Korea is beautiful, but the weather still hasn't made up its mind as to whether or not it should start warming up or continue to be cold. Today, Sis. Kim and I have a hike planned and possibly a picnic with a couple other missionaries in our zone. I am excited because I have been wanting to explore the area for a long time. 

As for me, I wasn't able to watch General Conference this past weekend because it has not been translated into Korean yet. So, I will actually get to watch it this weekend with 안양 stake and all the missionaries in the zone. I am not really sure whether or not we will watch it in English or Korean. Either way, it is the word of God, I will feel the spirit regardless of what language it is in. 

We are really hoping that are most recent investigator (Kim Che Sook) will come to General Conference this weekend. She has been progressing fairly well and believes a lot of the principles we have been teaching her. The only real thing preventing her from progressing is her attending church on Sundays. Unfortunately, she doesn't want to come to our church yet because of all the friends she has made at her current church. We are hoping to have a member come to her lesson and start the befriending process. 

Another one of our investigators, Kim Son Ja 자매님, is making our lives as missionaries very exciting. This past week, we met with her twice and both of them ended up with her lecturing and Bible bashing. Essentially, she has no real desire to learn about the Book of Mormon and is convinced that because we are not experts in the Bible...that we do not believe in the Bible. Needless to say, we are not really excited, but that is partially because she is really trying to convert us to her religion. The other day, she offered us a part time job because she felt bad that we were serving as missionaries for "free". When Sis. Kim asked her about the job, Kim Son Ja essentially said that she would pay us 7 dollars to listen to a potential missionary for her church. Seriously, what a creative. :D

Oh yes, I do teach English every week. It happens in every area of the mission. Right now, I am teaching a 24 year old student who is planning on applying to graduate school. She speaks English fairly well and we talk as if though we have been life long friends. Every time we meet, I really want to try and invite her to meet with us and take missionary discussions. It is a slow process, but she is warming up to the idea of talking about religion. 

-Life in Korea-

So, I have finally had a moment that made me realize that I live in Korea. The other day, Sis. Kim and I were on the bus and saw a bunch of school girls swarming around men with colorful hair in front of a school...a girl's middle school! Sis. Kim and I got off the bus and started walking up the street and guess who those men were...K POP STARS! Haha, I am not really sure what group they are from, but I saw my first K pop group. SWEET!

I cannot believe how fast time is going!

Love ya!

-Sis. Chao

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