Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello! Crazy things are happening in 안양

Sis Teng and I found each other after the special conference for the Seoul and Seoul South Missionaries.

Hello Family,

Where do I begin? I guess I should tell you about the results of transfer calls. This past Friday, we received transfer calls and crazy things are happening in Seoul South. First, Sis. Kim and I are no longer companions. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ She will be leaving for Suwon area, opening a new area, and training! She is incredibly excited but everyone keeps telling her that she should be prepared to work. I am sad to be separated, but I know that she will do amazingly well. 

As for is also a crazy part. I am staying in 안양 but I am training....Yes, you heard me right....I am training a greenie. Haha I don't know what is going to happen because I don't really speak Korean and the investigators we have are not easy. ADVENTURE! So any prayers you can send my way would be greatly appreciated.  My only hope is that whoever is my next companion doesn't mind getting lost and laughing at awkward conversations I do not fully understand. Bright side, this will make me learn Korean a lot faster because I will be doing the saying. Oh my gosh. I am terrified!!!  Absolutely terrifying. I have no idea what is happening half the time. It is okay though, I will meet my new companion at 2:00 on Wednesday. Another crazy result of transfers is that two members of my MTC district are being put together. Sis. Wright and Sis. Rose will be companions...haha I am really excited for them.

This past weekend, Sis. Kim and I had the opportunity of going to a fireside hosted by Elder Ringwood, Sis. Burton, and Sis. Oscarson. It was really good and they talked a lot about recognizing the spirit as we do missionary work. They also touched on the importance of families and preparing ourselves to have hopes focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really good and definitely will be applying some of the principles that I learned there. Another bright side of the fireside is that Sis. Kim and I were able to meet with all the missionaries from Seoul. It was so great to see everyone and check how things are going.

Other than that, things have been relatively normal. The ward is fantastic and are more than willing to help me and my new companion. Member missionary work is super important in spreading the gospel. So, if me training is the way to strengthen 안양 ward then I am willing to do it. Ah, I would be lying if I didn't say that I was nervous. 

I'm not really sure what is happening with Mother's Day phone calls. They haven't said anything that I know of. I will let you know once I find out. Love you!

Sis. Chao  

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