Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello, Hello!!


This week has been incredibly busy and Sis. Kelly are super excited to see all of the changes that are about to come to this area. On Wednesday, Elder Campbell left and a new elder came to 인양. His name is Elder Ethington and I believe that he is from Arizona. That being said, he seems like a great person and I am sure we will work a lot with him and Elder Lion in the near future. The elders and sisters are really starting to work together. One of our main goals this transfer is to reactive a lot of the YSA and strengthen ward members. As a result of our new goal, I started making a lot of appointments with members. The members are really excited about helping with missionary work and really want to do member lessons. This week we have 5 practice lessons with members. Crazy!! The members did not use to feed us a lot, but we have been meeting with them a lot more lately. They really want to help us to be better teachers and master the language.  This past week we had 3 meals with ward members and members of the bishopric.  

So we have been eating abnormal amounts of food, but we love it and Sis. Kelly is starting to love Korean food a little more each day. I still force her to eat a piece of Kimchi everyday, but I think it is doing some good. She doesn't gag as much as she used to. Success!! For Sis. Kelly's birthday, we went up to Gangnam and shopped a lot, we then went to her favorite places to eat. Surprisingly, there is a Taco Bell in Gangnam and it is super nice. I almost felt like a celebrity going there because it was so fancy. Now, Sis. Kelly has promised that she will eat Korean food I can't wait to see how that goes. 

A miracle we saw this past week is with one of our 30/30 investigators 선순옥자매님, At first, she did not have a lot of questions about the church, but she wanted to listen to our discussions. We had initially planned on teaching her about the Atonement because she doesn't really have a deep understanding of it, but the spirit prompted Sis. Kelly and I to teach the Restoration. It was amazing and 선순옥자매님 just wanted to know everything now, which is great but also meant that she had to suffer through some pretty bad Korean. Although we couldn't explain everything perfectly, the spirit was present and bore testimony to her what we were saying were true. After we had finished the lesson, 선순옥자매님 said that she wanted to meet more than once a week and that now she wanted to learn more about the church. Yay!!

Korea is HOT...but only my legs are getting tan. I really would take a picture of the tan lines, but it would be too embarrassing. Whenever I look down at my legs, I think that I am someone else, but then I realize that it is still me. Sis. Kelly laughs at my tan lines all the time. Actually the weather in Korea is strange. Some days it can be really hot and other days it can be raining like none other. Lately, it seems like the rain is coming a lot more than the sun. That is okay though because I love the rain, but my shoes surely don't. Out of control. Positive note, people think I am Korean sometimes. I don't know if that is true or they just think that because my companion is a red head. Either way, I'll take it. That being said, I still don't understand half of what the people say to me, but I can fake it! Success. :)

Also another thing I learned today...don't eat a lot of bananas in one day. I have been on a banana binge and have been eating so many every single day and now mosquitoes love me and my stomach hurts. You think that would make me stop, but it doesn't because bananas are delicious and they spoil fast. Did you know that if you wrap tinfoil around the stem it makes them last longer?

I am glad that Tiffany made it to California safely with her friends and that she is having a good time. I cannot believe she will be 17 this week! She is much to young!!! 
I am so excited for Sis. Kwong!! She will be an amazing missionary in Taichung and I know she will do a lot of good, not to mention that she has one of the best mission presidents in the world! I am quite jealous, but I know that Korea is where I am meant to be. I really hope to continue studying Korean once I get back home. 

Love you all!

Sis. Chao

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