Monday, June 9, 2014

Yay! Summer has arrived!

Hello Family!

Well, Summer has definitely arrived in Korea and Sis. Kelly and I are melting. Sadly, I don't think Summer has actually started but it sure feels like it to me. Sis. Kelly and I are hoping that it will not be as intense as everyone says. Who knows though, we may have an advantage over Elders because we get to wear skirts everyday. This week has been filled with miracles and Sis. Kelly and I are seeing quite a bit of progression among our investigators this week.

One really notable thing that happened this week is that our district received 6 referrals, the sisters alone received 3! It was amazing. Things are really starting to pick up and we are meeting our potential investigators this week. I guess what they say is true, the Lord will help you find people people to teach. Another notable thing that happened this week is that Sis. Kelly had a street lesson! Lately, she has been struggling with street contacting. One day, we were at a park and I told her to talk to a woman sitting on bench watching her children play in the water. At first, Sis. Kelly was super hesitant, but she mustered up the courage and went to talk to her. As I watched her, I was praying that it would be a great experience for her. Well, one thing led to another and the woman she met was really interested in hearing about the gospel. As I listened to Sis. Kelly talked, I could feel the spirit especially when she bore her testimony. I jumped in every once in a while to translate and explain things simply, but it was a powerful lesson. We hope that she will call us back, but her friend is a pretty hard core missionary from another church. 

We also met with a couple of members this past week. I am really excited to work with the members more this coming transfer. President Morrisse has really emphasized to us that we need to help strengthen the ward and its members. The bishop of our ward has asked us to take a bigger part in the YW program. We have started attending their meetings a little bit more and the YW have really started to open up to us. It is great!

Oh, I also became super domesticated this past week. I made banana bread and it was delicious! I also cleaned the entire house in a skirt...including the bath tub. Haha I never thought this day would come, but here it is....I can actually clean in a skirt and bake. Weird. I still cannot cook the best, but Sis. Kelly is a champ and is letting me try things out on her. 

Other than that, I don't really know what else to say. Sis. Kelly and I laugh a lot nowadays and we have started talking at night. I know, terrible idea but we just have so much fun together. Oh, yesterday was Sis. Kelly's birthday so in order to celebrate her birth we are looking for Taco Bell!

Love you,

Sis. Chao

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