Monday, June 30, 2014

June is almost over!


I cannot believe that June is almost over! There were so many miracles that happened in our area this week and I know it is because of your continual prayers for the missionaries. Recently, Sis. Kelly and I have been in sort of slump. Our investigators, although amazing, are just not progressing or keeping t he commitments that we give them. As we thought about the situation, Sis. Kelly and I decided that we needed to be more consecrated missionaries. So we have been trying our best to keep our thoughts focused on the savior, being more obedient, and exercising faith and hope. Well, as it says in the scriptures (not a direct quotation) but after exercising faith...miracles come!

On Saturday, we received a random text message from a potential investigator. All it said was "I hope you contact me soon." So we called her immediately and talked with her. She said that she really wanted to come to our church and meet with the missionaries. After that, she said that she will be coming to church the next day with her daughter, two grandsons, and husband. At first, Sis. Kelly and I were caught off guard because stuff like this never happens. The next day, Sis. Kelly and I were standing outside the church before the Sunday service started. As it got closer to 9, we did not see a car that we did not recognize. We started to doubt a little bit, but we quickly said a quiet prayer that the potential investigator family would come. Soon enough 9 arrived and went and no one came. After a few more minutes, Sis Kelly and I decided that if they did not arrive around 9:15 we would go inside to Relief Society. 9:13...comes and we see this little white car pull up to the parking lot and out pops the family we had been waiting for! The ward was incredible and befriended this family almost instantly. During Relief Society and Gospel principles class, the grandmother asked really good questions about the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ. It was like the first lesson but even better!  

Another notable thing that happened this week is that we were able to spend time with a member 이수호자매님 and her mother. Her mother is incredibly ill and has to stay in bed all day. She is in so much pain that she cannot hold herself up or eat without help from someone else. Yesterday, Sis. Kelly and I visited with  이수호자매님's mother and we just sang hymns, ate lunch, and talked. It was such a sweet experience and it was strange because we could feel the love the Savior has for her. We definitely want to come back and visit soon!

Lately, Sis. Kelly and I have been laughing a lot but for some reason and I don't know why. Maybe it is because we are weird and just think everything is hilarious. We just found out that yesterday Sis. Kelly and Chinese food don't mix. Seriously, things are just amplified when we are on Yo's. 

Love you,

Sis. Chao!

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