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Lately, Sis. Kelly and I have been feeling like no matter how much effort we put into the work in 안양, nothing is happening. To be honest, it was a bit of a discouragement...but yesterday we realized that we see miracles everyday. Some of them are really big and others are incredibly small. An example of a smaller miracles happened on Monday. Sis. Kelly and I were shopping at our favorite location in 안양 (an underground market) and there is one store where we have small talk with a worker. Well, on Monday Sis. Kelly was looking at the shirt and the worker tells her to come inside and look at in the mirror. As Sis. Kelly was looking at the shirt, the worker and I started having a little chat. Almost immediately I had this thought to introduce the English Program to her. Sis. Kelly handed her a card and the worker crumples it slightly in her hand. Usually that means the person isn't really interested, but doesn't want to hurt our feelings. So. Sis. Kelly and I left and went to some other stores in the market. A little while later, I decided that I wanted to buy a shirt at the store where this one worker was. As I was looking at the rack, the store worker walked up to us and quietly asked "If I call you, can we meet outside?" Miracle!!! *Hallelujah praises was in the background music*

This email wouldn't be complete if I didn't talk about yesterday.  This past week, we tried to have another YSA activity, but like the other ones...not a lot of people showed up. Well, the YSA members that the sisters talked to all promised to come to church the following day. Well yesterday during Sacrament, all of the YSA members came to church. Even the ones who have not been to church in years! It was a miracle. The best miracle of all was right after the sacrament, I look over to the side door and in the hallway stood Grace, her daughter in law, and the grandson. I immediately got up, greeted them, and then hugged them! I have missed them so much and Sis. Kelly and I have been praying for another opportunity to meet with them. They invited us over to their house on Saturday and Sis. Kelly and I could not be more excited! After sacrament, Sis. Kelly and I met with a YSA member 잔지혜자매님. She talked a lot about the trials she was going through and how being the only member in her family was difficult. We just talked and shared some spiritual messages, but I really hope that we can help her realize why she joined the church in the first place. We plan on meeting her again later this week. Wish us luck!

So lesson of this week, miracles happen every single day...we just have to keep our eyes open for them. :)

Not So Spiritual-

So I'm not sure if I have mentioned this enough in emails, but it is hot in Korea. It literally feels like I am walking in a sauna. I thought the two summers in Cambodia and India would have prepped me for this, but they definitely have not. I do not know if it is because I am in a skirt and actually trying to look pretty, but I am sweating up a storm. 

Lately, people have really enjoyed getting close to us...but I really don't like them touching us because Sis. Kelly and I are STICKY. I don't know how the Korean people look so amazing all the time!

I love Korea and I love being a missionary! Also, Sis. Kelly and I might be going to a public bathhouse today. Yes!

Love you,

Sis. Chao

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