Monday, August 18, 2014

Last week before Transfer Calls!!

!!! I cannot believe how fast this transfer has gone. It seems like this transfer has been going a lot faster and slower in some ways. From the sounds of it, I might be here for  another transfer. The Area 70s want senior companions to stay in one area for 7-8 months. This past week, Sis. Nebeker and I have seen a lot of miracles and progression with some of our investigators.

One of the biggest miracles to have happened this week is that 김재숙 has returned!!  This past Thursday, Sis. Nebeker and I were planning on having a really fun badminton competition with the Young Women and our investigator 하영 (Ha Young). As we were preparing to leave the church and pick  하영 up, our telephone starts to ring and it is 김재숙! She randomly returned from the countryside and really wanted to meet. Now this is the dilemma, around the time she would be coming to church was about the time Sis. Nebeker and I would have to leave to pick up 하영. Well after some thought and a quick prayer, we decided that we still wanted to meet with 김재숙. So we invited her to come and when she arrived, we had a great chat. Turns out that she is still super interested in the gospel, but she will be leaving to go to Malaysia soon. Normally that would be quite the damper on things, but then it could actually be quite good for her and her spiritual progression. 김재숙 talked about how difficult it would be to leave her church because she has going there for so long, but this break in Malaysia could be what she needs to really consider attending our church. 

Another highlight of this week is the Badminton competition with the YW and 하영. It was such a great relationship builder for the sister missionaries, the YW, and our investigators. 하영 had a lot of fun and was starting to really open up with the YW and me. Also the young women are excellent member missionaries! Before this little activity, the YW each went out to the store and made a 하영 themed gift, which included heart felt letters. 하영 was so excited when she received it and I hope that she truly reads the letters!

Lastly, we had a wonderful lesson with 손순옥! She is so great, but one of the things that she really struggles with is faith. She wants everything to be proven to her through science or through actually seeing things. As I was thinking about this, I think that faith is one of the most difficult things to exercise. I mean, given the's all about hoping for things which are not seen but are true. As I was thinking about faith and ways to help her progress, I realized that having faith in Jesus Christ is a lot easier than we think. In the Bible Dictionary, it talks about how Christ is perfect in every possible way. He is someone that we can truly put our trust in and know that without any doubt that He will not fail us. Now, all I have to do is help 손순옥 come to this realization. 

Other than that, things are going really well. I cannot believe how fast time has gone and that Fall is around the corner. :) Next month will be one of the biggest holidays in Korea!! YAY! :)


Sis. Chao

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