Monday, August 4, 2014



Well, it is week 3 of my 5 transfer in 안양 and it has been interesting. The past few weeks, everyone has been going to the countryside because most of the schools are on vacation. I personally love vacations, until I realized that no one would be home the next few weeks. It has definitely made less active visits a lot more challenging, but the Lord always provides people for us to talk to. 

The other day, Sis. Nebeker and I were walking down the street when it started raining. As we were walking, we noticed a cute grandmother trying to use her wallet to cover her hair. Apparently, South Korea has acid rain and if you let the rain fall on your head, you will become bald. So, we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to serve her. So we ran over to her and offered to walk with her to her house. She tried to tell us she was okay, but we were incredibly persistent. After all, we are sister missionaries. Once we arrived to her apartment, we thought she would tell us goodbye and then we would be on our way. Well, she didn't...she invited us upstairs! We ate some delicious fruit together and we talked about the missionary purpose. She wasn't super interested, but it gave her a more positive view of Christians and our church. Slowly but surely, the idea that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a cult is changing for the better!

Another miracle that happened this week is with one of our investigators 손순옥 자매님. She really wanted to meet with us this past Saturday. We were planning on teaching her a little bit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, our plan drastically changed when she started asking about baptism and the priesthood. It was incredible. She doesn't want to get baptized right now, but she wants to know what makes our church true. 손순옥 자매님 is really famous for asking inspired and well thought out questions. The other day she asked "If we all worship the same God, does it really matter what church I go to?" Well, instead of answering her, we both felt inspired to tell her that is probably a question she will have to answer for herself. However, we will be there to help her obtain that answer. 

손순옥 자매님 finds the answer that she is looking for. 

Other than that, nothing really crazy has been occurring in Korea. Although, it is raining and it is so much fun to proselyte and contact in. You can definitely hear us coming because there is a lot of squeaky shoes and sloshing. It is a little bit gross sometimes because a cigarette butt totally flew into my shoe  because of the rain. Try not to be too jealous. It wasn't as bad as Sis. Nebeker though because she saw a floating smashed rat coming straight towards her. I almost died of laughter. 

I love being a missionary and I love serving in 안양. I miss you a lot, but time is going by really fast!!



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