Monday, September 8, 2014

가장 바쁜 주!!


It still has not hit me yet that I am serving in 만수....I definitely still do not know how to navigate very well, but at least I know where the apartment is. I mean, you cannot really miss it because it is across the street from where the 14th Asian Games are being held. It's going to be great because we essentially can see the soccer field from the outside our apartment. Not that we are going to watch it or anything, but it is pretty fun to think that we can.

This week, Sis. Gapinski and I have been running from meeting to meeting. On Monday,  our investigator  심하정wanted to eat at an expensive steak house, but we were like we have no money. So we brought pizza to her house. We went to buy grocery afterwards and wanted to come with us. When we were done, it was raining. We had no umbrella so we decided to wait it out and went into Dunkin’ Donuts, but it never stopped. So we decided to run (with our grocery) for it. Worst idea! We got soaked. It was pretty funny though. We later went to심하정house to have dinner with her husband. We then went to Songpa for MLC.

On Tuesday, we went up to 송파 to attend Missionary Leadership Council. I never realized how much missionaries in leadership positions have to do! I am so grateful for the ZL and AP who I have served with. They are incredible and they truly do care about each individual missionary in their zones. Right now, President Morrise is really pushing us to speak Korean. In our entire mission we have 25 Korean Missionaries. By the end of the year around 7 will be leaving! Crazy!  We also talked about being more consecrated and trying our best to strengthen the wards. 

On Wednesday, we had a missionary conference with Elder Aoyagi of the 70. It was really good and we talked a lot about how pride can often mask itself as humility. It was really interesting because I never actually thought of pride in that way. Then we proceeded to sing my favorite song .... Put your Shoulder to the wheel with dance moves. I don't even know how that was possible. Sigh, sometimes I want to hide that song from the hymn book. 

On Thursday, all our scheduled appointments were cancelled so we did a lot of proselyting. We later went to이지웅house and talked a lot about God’s commandments. Unfortunately, none of her family members was home. She is so awesome and trying her best to keep the commandments. She just needs to read the Book of Mormon.

On Friday, we had zone training meeting and it went great. Sis. Gapinski and I gave training on “Learning by the Spirit” from Preach my Gospel chapter 2. We later went home did our weekly planning and spent the rest of the night proselyting.

On Saturday, we had lesson with 심하정 and her husband. Our investigators 심하정 and 이지웅 are the kindest people and find truth in almost everything. The problem is that they don't understand how the Book of Mormon can bless their lives. We have tried to help them see and understand its relevance, but at the end of the day they have to read it. Unfortunately, God doesn't give us knowledge if we don't try our best to obtain it first. Every day we pray for them and hope that their hearts can be changed. Anything is possible!!

On Sunday, we did a lot of visiting with less active members and also trying to find new investigators, both with no success but I know the Lord will help and bless us if we have tried our best.


-Sis. Chao

P.S. I never realized this....but there are so many spiders in non-metropolitan areas! I have walked through 50 something spider webs and all of the inhabitants collected on them. They are dangling from trees and lamps everywhere!! It is so gross. Haha..I swear I am going to comb my hair one day and a spider will pop out. 

P.P.S This week is Korean Thanksgiving! (Chinese Mid-Autumn festival!)  :) Merry 추석!!

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