Monday, September 15, 2014

Year Mark!


I cannot believe that it is already Mid-September and that I have been a missionary for over a year. It is unreal. Sometimes when I am out street contacting, I am still surprised that I am in Korea. This past week has been incredible and made me more grateful that I came out to serve a mission.

First, on Tuesday all of the missionaries in the Seoul South Mission came together for a joint 추석 conference. Sis. Gapinski and I were determined to arrive there on time because our district is notorious for being late to these events. Well we left super early and arrived 45 minutes early. As usual, when I arrived I was looking for some of my old companions. I said hello to Sis. Kelly and her companion and we just chatted. When it was almost time to sit down, I was a little bummed because I wasn't able to see my Korean sister. So I just sat down and waited for the conference to start. Then I hear this annoying bag sound in the back, so I turn around and there is my sister trying to get my attention! It was so great to see her! Essentially it was like a movie where old family is reunited. We ran up to each other hugged, jumped around, and then got laughed at for being weird. I have missed serving with  김윤하자매님, but we both know that we are where we need to be.  

At the conference we heard from President Morrise's president. He talked about the importance of keeping positive and respectful traditions alive. He told us that now is the time where we have to determine what things we want to carry on. After other small talks, all the missionaries went a huge park and did some street contacting. Overall it was incredibly fun and I am sad that we only have one! I will have to bring home a bunch of Korean Holidays for us to celebrate. My favorite holiday so far is the only dedicated to chocolate pretzel sticks.  :)

This week, we also met with a less active member who recently moved back from Utah. Everyone in the ward was really concerned because no one really knew what happened. When we visited with her, she talked to us about how she had researched our church online and came across things that really shook her testimony. As I listened to her share her story, I wondered what I would do if I was in that situation. It made me realize that although I may not understand everything, I have to "doubt my doubts before I doubt my faith." We have to remember the things that we know are true! 

In other great news, the Asian games have officially started and the stadium is right outside our apartment. Let us just say that it is going to be hard focusing at night. Also...a mosquito bit me right on my eyelid so now it looks like I am Quasimodo. Thanks Nature J.  It is so bad...everyone thought I was dying. So I took some allergy relief pills and the swelling went down. Apparently though I am a light weight with these drugs because I was loopy and super sleepy. Another highlight of living in this area is that there are also bees that fly into our house. The bees are huge and so there is a lot of screaming, misting, and running. There are also so so so many spiders and they are huge!!!! Literally, we could be walking down a path and we run into giant cobwebs. We would jump up because there should be a spider somewhere! It is definitely a new adventure everyday!

-Sis. Chao

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