Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hello Family,

Well this past week has absolutely been crazy!! The last day I was in 안양, Sis. Nebeker and I had to down 6 meals within 7 hours. It was incredibly fun because I got to see a lot of members and investigators, but boy my body was not happy. It definitely hated me for the rest of the week. After that any free time that we had, Sis. Nebeker and I just packed and cleaned the house for the rest of the week. After that...it was transfer and I was off to 영등포!! There I was able to see a few of the people before they headed off home!

Sis. Saunders is currently in Utah! Super weird...I cannot believe how much time has gone by and that my year mark is literally around the corner! Things here are definitely different than where I used to be. This new area is definitely not as developed. There are bunch of random farms all over the area and navigating is a beast. The closest department store or large grocery store is like 30 minutes away by bus. What? Also, on weekends there is a farming activity for the missionaries. I am super excited for plucking vegetables but not the spiders. There are spiders everywhere and they are humongous! So we are going to have to find places to buy food that are really cheap because we are going to spend the majority of our money on traveling. You can't really get anywhere here on foot because everything is so far away! I have only been here a few days and I am really enjoying the area. There are not very many people in this ward, but they are all nice. I am super excited to work with them and get them excited about missionary work.

Other than that, missionary life is great. I was able to meet a lot of the members in the ward this past week. They are super kind and are super excited to work with the missionaries. Sis. Gapinski and I really want to work hard because 5 areas will be closing this coming transfer, which is super scary! There are a lot of sisters going home this coming transfer, and not that many are coming. This past transfer, we only had one sister come to our mission. If we don't get enough numbers, then it is likely that this area will be closing soon too. That being said, a lot of the sister missionaries are working harder than ever. This coming week will be incredibly busy because we have Missionary Leadership council, Mission Tour, and Zone Training. Whoo! I don't know how we are going to squeeze lessons in, but we are going to try our best!

I love being a missionary.  I am really excited to work in this new area! Sorry this email is pretty lame. Everything has been a bit of a blur this week. We have currently one progressing investigator. The other investigators are mostly English interest, which is a bit of a bummer. However, that just means we have to find more interesting ways to talk about the gospel. Who would have thought that a mission would make me be more creative.

I miss you! 

Love- Sis. Chao

Sis. Nebeker
Sis. Gapinski

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