Monday, February 2, 2015


Happy February!

This week has been incredibly busy, but a lot of great things have happened! First of all, this week I was able to do an exchange with Sis. Kelly. It was super weird at first because we haven't seen each other since 안양, but it was super great to see her again. She has progressed so much in terms of Korean and her ability to teach as a missionary. That being said, in some ways she is the same. We literally spent a lot of the nights after daily planning talking about life, goals, funny moments on the mission, and our companions. It was really great to reminisce. She is doing incredibly well and is trying her best to change her area and strengthen the ward. 

I also found out who has been teaching Sis. Jeong a bunch of American slang... Sis. Kelly!! We laughed about how much Sis. Jeong loves those words, and then I try to give Sis. Kelly a bit of a hard time. But then I realized how easy it is to accidentally teach someone English slang. I am pretty sure I am the one who taught Sis. Jeong "You're a weirdo." 

This week, we have been meeting with a lot of less active members and members who just need a bit of strengthening. One of the members is really worried about her daughter because most of her friends will be leaving for missions soon. She asked us to help her daughter make more friends in the church and strengthen her faith. In order to do that, Sis. Reed and I have been working shameless to try and make an appointment with her. 

Another noteworthy things is that we were able to attend the wedding reception of one of our YSA members. I must say, that all people should throw weddings like Koreans do. At the reception, we were able to see a lot of members and chat with a few non-members. We gave them some cards and hope that something comes of it in the future. 

Love you all!!

Sis Chao

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