Monday, February 9, 2015

Meetings Week!

Hello Family!

This week has been absolutely crazy!! Sis. Reed and I have literally been running from one end of our mission to the other all week. It has been really good because on one of the days I was able to go to the temple, visit an old area, and meet new investigators.

On Monday, we didn't have regular P-Day because of our temple visit on Thursday.So we did regular missionary work and planned for FHE with our favorite ward member. Sis. Reed had this great idea to make a game of LIFE, but use churchy things as life markers. It was actually really fun and we got to share experiences that we had keeping commandments, getting baptized, going to ward activities, etc. From this activity, 이두레자매님 really emphasized us to find someone that has the same values as us. She wants nothing more than to have a temple marriage, but can't really do that until her husband decides that the gospel is something that he wants. 

On Tuesday, Sis. Reed and I went to the mission home for MLC. It was really good and I got to hear a lot of the last words of some of our graduating missionaries? I don't really know what to call them, but that is kind of what it sounds like in Korean. It's really weird to see that the people giving these talks are my the older districts from my MTC experience. Yikes...that means my last words is just around the corner. Don't worry, I am not getting trunky... I really love being a missionary and will probably still be doing it when I am on the plane home. Okay, maybe I will pass out because of exhaustion...but it will be great!!

On Wednesday, I went back to my last area to help the sister missionaries meet with this past investigator family. It was so weird being back there, but it felt like going home. Not a whole lot has changed besides the age of the children. Seriously, when I left them...they were so small and now they are walking. It was surreal. The meeting was great and the family decided that they want to meet sister missionaries now!! :)

Friday, I went to have a 20 minute lesson with a member who is about to send off her daughter on a mission. She was asking me all sorts of questions about clothing, shoes, bags, etc. It was so funny because she was showing me these shoes that her daughter wanted, which were cute and girly...and then showed me the ones that she ordered. HAHA...I have never laughed so hard. I didn't even know that non-cute shoes existed in Korea. It is okay though, the member kept reminding me that we have to look with missionary eyes.

Other than that, this week has been really good. I am so excited for the up coming week because it will be 선날!! This year, the zone leaders and I are in we are freaking out a little bit. Elder Lee proposes that we just let the missionaries run wild...I feel like we should make them make dumplings. 

Love you,

Sis. Chao

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