Sunday, March 2, 2014

Missionary Work in 안양

Is it really P-Day already? I cannot believe how fast time is going right now. It literally feels like I just talked to you a few days ago. I suppose that is true because Monday was only a few days ago. I cannot believe that all of us will be BYU Alumni!! That is absolutely crazy, but I knew that Tiffany would get in because she is absolutely brilliant. She did so much better than I did in school and on the ACT. Congrats little sister! I am so proud of you and so is my companion. 

Things in 안양 are going very well. As you may know,  김윤하 자매님 and I were a bit down and out last week because our key indicators were so low. It really was starting to affect the way we were working and when we tried contacting people. So, 김윤하 자매님 and I decided that we needed some spiritual refreshment. So one night, we decided to read a couple chapters in the Book of Mormon and figure out how each one related to Christ. Essentially, almost every verse in the Book of Mormon points to Christ in some way shape or form. It is amazing! We also realized that people often talk about how sometimes missionaries plant the seed of faith, but they may not always see the benefits. However, after chatting with 김윤하 자매님, we realized that someone has to break the ground before the seed can be planted. All of these things are important when it comes to missionary work. Now, 김윤하 자매님 and I are not going to be satisfied with just finding but we realize that we can be happy with ourselves if that is what we are required to do now. 

Recently, we have been meeting with a 12 year old girl who is contemplating our church. She is incredibly sweet and is sincere in her desire. The only real barrier that we have is helping her feel more comfortable at church and not get bored to tears during sacrament. I don't really know how we can do that because...I was bored a lot at sacrament when I was younger. This past Sunday we played gospel Pictionary using words we heard during testimony meeting. I don't know what else we can do because I'm just not that creative. Haha.

In other great news, one of the 12 apostles will be coming to speak to our mission in May! Yay! My companion was so excited that she started spinning on the floor. She then showed me this picture of her crying so much because Elder Cook visited Korea a couple years ago. She cried so much that they published her picture in the Liahona. I almost died of laughter but it was also incredibly sweet. 김윤하 자매님 has such a love for this gospel, I am always learning from her, she has a lot of faith.

Also, I did receive your package and it was amazing! 김윤하 자매님 loves the undershirts, but the shirts eat her alive a little bit. She is incredibly grateful for it. Also, thank you for the candy because I have a huge sweet tooth. The bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms is already gone...Do not worry, I shared with 김윤하 자매님. Also, the bag of candy has made me incredibly popular with the YW...I may or may not have given them candy yesterday. I know! I forgot that it was fast Sunday and they promised they would eat it later, but they were smart and ate later...just 30 seconds later. 

Let us never talk about Badminton. 김윤하 자매님 could have been an Olympian, but she blew out her knees during practice one day. She is still super good and destroyed all of the elders and sisters in our zone. I am going to make her train me. Haha.

I love you!

-Sis. Chao

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