Monday, March 17, 2014

Transfers ...

Hello Family,

Ah, I cannot believe how stressful transfer calls are for missionaries. Literally our lives could be shaken in a 48 second phone call from the President or the AP's. Luckily, Sis. Kim and I will not have to pack our stuff today because we are both staying in 안양 for another 6 weeks together! When we got the phone call, we had to hold in our screams until after we hung up the phone. We are so excited to stay together because there are so many miracles in store here. We have met so many incredible people the past few weeks and are excited to help them come closer unto Christ. 

First off, my conversation starting abilities have improved since the last email. I still creepily approach people, but more people are willing to talk to me. This past Wednesday, I felt like I should talk to this lady standing on the corner. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I had literally talked to and was rejected by someone next to her. However, you know how the impressions can't find them, you just have to do it. Long story short...she had met missionaries a while back but was too busy to meet with them. Nowadays she has a lot more time and wants to meet with us!

Our other investigators (강윤경, 허경자, 박하영, 박건희) are all doing very well. 박하영 and 박건희 still think that church is incredibly boring, but they love inviting their friends to come with them. I am pretty sure that those 2 have referred almost 5 different people to us. It is absolutely crazy! The other day, we asked them how we could make church more interesting for them and their friends. It is safe to say that this may be more difficult than I anticipated. I don't know if I know anyone who enjoys sacrament meeting when they are 11 or 12. I think we are going to have to create some fun church those exist? 허경자 is just interesting. Whenever we meet with her, she seems super interested in the Book of Mormon but then refuses to read it because she loves the Bible. We think she might be trying to convince us to join Presbyterianism.

Non- Spiritual

Sis. Kim and I have been eating super bad lately, but then sometimes we also try to eat super healthy at the same time. I know this system has a lot of flaws, but we would try to stay health. We will be going to Gangnam for some shopping today. As far as non-spiritual things go, nothing really exciting happens after being on your mission for a while. How are you?

-Sis Chao

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