Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sometimes People Like to Say Awkward Things to Me


Ah, I cannot believe that it is P-Day already. This transfer with Sis. Kim has literally flown by. Whenever we look at our planners, we are amazed that we have already been together for almost 5 and a half weeks. It is almost too sad to think that we could possibly be transferred in little over a week. 

This past week, Sis. Kim and I have been really focusing on finding new investigators and having street lessons with people that we come in contact with. The first day we tried it, we failed miserably. We would say hello but then get tongued tied for some reason. After a several failed approaches and brutal rejections, Sis. Kim and I decided to take a different approach to street contacting. Instead of talking with people separately, we started talking to people together. Soon we became street contacting masters! Here are a couple of my favorite conversation starters that I used:

"Wow, your hiking clothes are so stylish. Where did you buy them?"
"I'm learning Korean, do I have an American accent?"
"Is that a Chupa Chupa?!"
"Oh wow, today is very cold and I forgot a coat. How dumb!"

My favorite one has to deal with the Chupa Chupa, which is a type of sucker. Most people laugh because it is a weird question, but it gets the conversation started. From street contacting and referrals, we have picked up 3 new investigators and potentially 2 other investigators. We have to meet with them this week, but our hopes are incredibly high because they gave us their phone numbers! 

Random tangent from scripture study today...was Lemuel actually a bad man or was he just easily swayed by his brother Laman? I was reading the scriptures today and it seems like Lemuel didn't really have an opinion but simply followed what Laman said. I take it to mean that there is no such thing as a fence sitter when it comes to doing good or bad. You have to choose one or the other.


In regards to the "Sometimes people like to say awkward things to me" subject line...I love people, especially Korean women. Every Friday, the elders and sisters in 안냥 serve food to elderly people at a social services welfare center. Well after service, I was standing with the elders in the dining area waiting for Sis. Kim to come out of the kitchen. The supervisor lady comes up to me and the elders and says "Sis. Kim is so beautiful, but she is sexy." Like a gem, some of the elders ask her to repeat what she says and unfortunately she repeats it even louder. *AWKWARD TOOT SOUND!*

Anyways, I have some pictures but I don't know if I will send them yet. I realized that Sis. Kim and I don't take a lot of pictures of us together but of each other. Haha. Work in progress.

I love you!

Sis. Chao

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